Walking the talk: How walking meetings can make your staff fitter, happier and more productive

The Young and Well CRC is an international research centre, based in Melbourne, that focuses on the role technologies can play in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Young and Well CRC is also a leader in workplace health and wellbeing. In 2014, they publicly released their innovative and comprehensive wellbeing policy, with the… Read more »


The community services and health sectors will create one in four new jobs by 2018 – is your organisation ready?

One in four jobs created in Australia by 2018 will be in the community services and health sectors. That’s the staggering statistic to come out of last week’s 2015 Environmental Scan (EScan) from the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC). The growth is undeniably big – and it’s clear that there’s a huge… Read more »


Google’s advice to instantly improve your interviews

Google’s HR Boss Laszlo Bock receives 50,000 resumes every week. And while that means Google doesn’t struggle to find people who want to work for them, finding the people who will end up performing best is always a challenge. So how does Bock suggest organisations should sort the best candidates from the rest? In his… Read more »


How beyondblue can help your NFP create a mentally healthy workplace – for next to nothing

Poor mental health costs Australian workplaces around $11 billion per year in lost productivity. But, taking steps to improve the mental health of staff at your organisation might be far easier (and more affordable!) than you think. Thanks to a new initiative from beyondblue, NFP workplaces across Australia have the opportunity to tackle mental health… Read more »


Six ways to make your performance management processes really work

According to the latest Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, there’s one area in which organisations are failing significantly – and their leaders know it: Performance management. Of the 3,300 business and HR leaders surveyed, incredibly just 10 percent believed that their performance management processes were a good use of time…. Read more »


Breakfast event: Leading people down the path of change

The not-for-profit sector in Australia is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. From government funding cuts to sector-wide restructures and government pressure for mergers, managing change is something virtually unavoidable for NFP leaders and HR professionals. So how can you not only cope, but thrive, in this environment of limited resources and constant change? The… Read more »


Not-For-Profit People Conference 2015 – Call for speakers

“Amazing” . . . “One of the best conferences I’ve been to” . . . ”Awesome calibre” . . . “Loved it” . . . “Brilliant conference” . . . “It was outstanding” . . . “I left feeling inspired”. That’s just a fraction of the feedback we received from almost 300 attendees at last… Read more »


Competency-based role families could be the magic pill your NFP needs to transform HR practices.

Competency-based role families could be the magic pill your organisation needs to tighten role descriptions, identify skills gaps, and reinvent staff learning and professional development. Think that’s a big claim? Frank Sedmak has been the General Manager of People and Culture at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) for 14 years, and implemented competency-based role families… Read more »