Better opportunities for older people will transform your organisation: Tips from the Age Discrimination Commissioner

It’s the reality that employers are only just beginning to address: the Australian workforce is getting older, fast. As Generation X-ers begin to enter their 50s, NFPs need to plan for the challenges of an older workforce, but also recognise the significant benefits that longer, healthier careers can bring to the sector. Susan Ryan AO

Human Resource Concept

Five (more) interview tips to find that perfect staff member

Do you find interviewing overly stressful? Maybe you’re doing it wrong! Last year we explored some of the most important tips for getting your interview right, including a well-prepared panel of interviewers, an emphasis on listening, and lots of note taking. With interviews being a crucial tool for recruitment, you can always find ways to


Five essential steps to boosting volunteer retention – part one

Photo: Holding on to volunteers in any organisation, especially one without a dedicated volunteer manager, can be really hard work. In fact, there’s a chance that the person charged with looking after volunteers in your organisation may be a volunteer themselves! With so many competing priorities and distractions in people’s lives, if you want

Things the best leaders say

15 things NFP leaders should always say

If you want to be a good leader then it’s essential that you’re also a good communicator. What you say to your staff, no matter how minor you think it might be, can have an impact on job satisfaction and productivity. According to international business speaker Michael Kerr, good communication is a core part of


Make it happen: Creating a NFP workplace health program – Part 3

In this four-part series, we’ve been looking at the Heart Foundation’s ten-point plan for preparing, planning and delivering an effective workplace health program. If you’ve followed the advice in part one and part two of this series, it’s time to get your program up and running in the long term, and to make sure it’s


Given the Chance, how many more lives can your organisation change?

You probably know that diversity is good. Good for your organisation (diverse workforces perform better), good for your team (more diverse workforces lead to higher client satisfaction), and good for your staff (staff in diverse workforces are more committed and less absent). But despite all of this goodness, many organisations can be daunted by the idea of increasing